WCC Fundraiser

Hello from Angel Adkins Photography!

Did you know that there are only 24 known red wolves in the wild?
What about that there are only 114 Mexican Gray Wolves in the wild?

It's true!

They're endangered!

Thankfully, the Wolf Conservation Center helps with that!

The WCC is a not-for-profit environmental, educational organization that teaches the public about wolves and their ecosystems. They work hard to protect and preserve wolves and wolf habitats and they're in the process of breeding and raising wolf pups to repopulate the endangered species.

Angel Adkins Photography wants to help! 

So, on August 3rd, 2019, we're going to host a fundraiser!

It will take place at Chief Logan State Park in Logan, WV and it will be from 10AM to 5PM. 

You'll receive a digital copy of your photo and the option to buy prints of your photo!

Come on out and support the wildlife!


For more information about wolves, visit nywolf.org

For more information about the fundraiser, contact me here or Facebook me at Angel Adkins Photography!

Thank you for your support!