My albino Siberian Husky. This dog is my world.

I didn't mean to end up with a Husky, honestly. 

While surfing through my Facebook feed, I landed on a compilation video of Huskies doing their thing. They were energetic - they never stopped moving. They were loud - they don't bark, they yell. Look it up on YouTube. Seriously. 

They LOVE bathtubs. And water. And food. And squeaky toys. And just about everything.

Really, look at his face when I grab the treat jar!

Anyway, I ended up down the rabbit hole looking at every video and picture I could find of Huskies. I shared one of the videos I found and commented that I really, really wanted a Husky.

My mother commented on it and said, "You know your brother has a bunch of Huskies, right?"

...I, in fact, did not know that.

However, needless to say, I ended up with one. XD

I love Blizzard with my whole heart. He is my son, and my mom even says she has granddogs. XD

"Granddogs," you say? Plural? Yes, I have two dogs. The other one is a Border Collie - mix. But that's another story.

- Angel Adkins