As of November 2018, Angel Adkins Photography does fundraisers! 

When contacted, we make a plan with you concerning dates. After the event date is chosen, we prepare our forms and flyers and you'll receive them shortly! 

We will arrive at the agreed location an hour prior to the event's starting time. For example, if the event starts at 9AM, we will arrive at 8AM to allow for set-up.

After taking the photos, we will make our edits and gather prints to give to clients. 

We will arrive on the designated pick-up day to allow for all clients to come pick up their photos and any add-ons they may have purchased. 

A $10 deposit MUST be paid upon booking in order to secure the client's spot. The full balance must be paid by or on the day of the event in order to have photos taken. 

Your organization will receive 40% of the total profit!

Contact us for more information!