My Border Collie - mix.

I wanted a dog. That's it. I didn't want a specific breed - I didn't care. Which is great for me, because when I want a dog, they usually end up being rescues of some sort. Even better!

My mom saw Fergus (previously named Bandit) on a Facebook advertisement. Someone was trying to get rid of him. I was more than happy to help.

After talking my husband into getting a dog, we went to pick him up!

We found out that he had been to multiple homes, but everyone kept bringing him back and saying he was too difficult to deal with. 

I don't understand that at all. 

Fergus has a sensitive stomach, so he has to have specific kinds of food. If he doesn't he gets sick and won't eat. He also has a skin allergy, so he likes to dig and scratch himself, which means he wears a cone of shame when we have to leave him alone.

I guess the people who owned him before didn't feel like taking him to the vet and finding out what was wrong. So we did.

I never even thought about giving him up over it. I love him and I wouldn't trade him for the world. He's such a good boy!

- Angel Adkins